Quantum Border Wall

The Quantum Border Wall will keep our borders safe generating 242Trillion kWh and pay for itself in its first year of operation
So without the solar panels the value metal mesh wall costs ~$25MUSD per mile to build so lets add say $10MUSD more per mile to include the solar panels so that's $35MUSD times 2,000 miles = $7BUSD for the border wall. We can even go ahead and add say $3BUSD for miscellaneous costs connecting the wall to the existing energy grid. So that's ~$10BUSD total for a solar paneled border wall that's 15ft high and 2,000 miles long.
Assuming its 2,000 miles each mile has 5280 ft so 5280 ft. x 2000
mi = 10,560,000.00 ft. times 10ft high solar wall = 105,600,000.00 sq. ft. So that's 105,600,000.00 sq. ft. of solar panels to cover a border wall 2000 miles long and panels 10 ft. high. The panels are presumably 8 ft off the ground, with the wall 18 ft. high from the ground up, with 3-5 ft. in the gorund, and each wall unit 21-23 ft. in height. So on average its around $15,000USD for 3000 sq. ft. of solar panels so if you buy 105,600,000.00 sq. ft. I'm assuming you can get the panels for ~$1,000USD per every 3000 sq. ft. so 105,600,000.00 sq. ft. divided by 3000 sq. ft. = 35,200 times ~$1,000USD = $35,200,000.00USD total for solar panels to cover 2,000 miles at 10 ft in height.

Lets even add ~$10BUSD of eminent domain costs to secure the border. So ~$20BUSD total right?
So assuming 105,600,000.00 sq. ft. times 9 watts per sp. ft. times 7 hrs a day times 365 = 242Trillion kWh
242Trillion kWh times .12 cents = $291Billion dollars worth of energy year 1