Come on folks, the whole inception the Time Warner Inc., AT&T, and

DirecTV merger is a value wire fraud scam created to side step

multi-Billion dollar criminality ranging from blocking hundreds of

Billions of dollars in energy projects to covering up U.S. economic

sanctions violations shadow accounting through Venezuela. All the

trades that have been made in relation to this mergers

announcement are a complete value scam. Jeffery Bewkes and Mark

Zucker telling employees of CNN to obstruct justice, and write more

fake news about Makan Delrahim is criminal. Aside from the

executive criminality involving Jeffery Bewkes, Jeff Zucker, James

Turley, and Randall Stephenson this is about deciding between two

 futures of Time Warner Inc. One future consists of AT&T and more

value based hyper protectionist wire fraud in an economic paradigm that has become increasingly aware of this type of federal criminality. The

second future consists of Quantum Corporation shifting Time Warner Inc.'s current business model, which relies heavily on wire fraud, and

transitioning it to a clean energy based business model implementing strategies like Air Time for Equity to properly supplement its traditional

brands. This will vastly reduce the Company's future wire related legal liability allowing Company dollars to cut across the peripheral U.S.

without value bias. Moving on, I have communicated with the DOJ. They are aware of the criminality, liability, and understand that I set forth a

superior course of action for the Company. Trying to purposefully write me and my company out of the dialogue in some sort of manic collusive

value base hyper protectionist scam is the same wire fraud of presenting the public a false choice on the border wall purposefully misleading

and trying to defraud the public. This criminality is again, the same as Jeffrey Bewkes presenting the public a false value choice between

Governor Cuomo and Cynthia Nixon to try to cover up the criminality. We have now backed the value criminality into a position that is almost

laughable as NO ONE involved is capable of confronting the reality, and instead is forced to execute more of the same protectionist wire fraud.

Again, when the evidence and circumstance is presented to a grand jury I'm confident they will return an indictment. Moving forward, I'm sure

many of you are concerned about Jeffrey Bewkes potentially getting away with the wire dragnets, and blocking billions of dollars in energy

project sales as Cynthia Nixon running for Governor allows for further value protectionist control. For some reason Jeffrey Bewkes, Jeff Zucker,

and other value Time Warner Inc. related entities blackmailing Chris Cuomo to get to Governor Cuomo doesn't seem to be enough in D.C. to

sway the shadow accounting criminality. Rightfully so, but as much as Governor Cuomo's tenure, and family legacy warrants further

consideration on its merits it is not without fault. As I write this, for seven years my

Constitutional rights have been violated to accommodate the value criminality.

Somehow not being allowed to have a lawyer, while allowing value Time Warner Inc.

related entities to execute wire dragnets with the intent to entrap and murder

blocking billions of dollars in energy project sales doesn't seem app ropriate. For

seven years Governor Cuomo has personally extrajudicially interfered in civil suit after

civil suit against thevalue related criminality even when the evidence has been

overwhelming. This is not acceptable, and I'll be running for Governor for the State of New York so that this legal Constitutional issue and value

criminality reach a properly formed Sherman Act indictment conclusion. Additionally, the value Bewkes free Sex in the City for life merger scam

needs to come to an end. This will help to control and trap the value criminality and force Governor Cuomo, and Cyntia Nixon to compete head

on. This my dear friends is where I will have the strategic advantage. Governor Cuomo doesn't have the First ever self sustainable city in the

world" solutions, I do. This will go a long way in shaping my Campaign on Constitutional rights, deregulation, and criminality outlined above. Yes,

Governor Cuomo's family, and political legacy give him a well structured position, and his leadership warrants further consideration, but the

unfounded obstructionist injustice that has gone with respect to myself must now draw to the appropriate legal conclusion. Cynthia Nixon's

campaign is merely a baseless value corporate crisis diversion tactic for Jeffrey Bewkes, etc... so they can further blackmail Chris Cuomo, and the

Governor to somehow sway the status of the merger in D.C. What solutions does Cynthia Nixon have? Exactly, none. What type of structured

policies does she have to resolve New Yorks some sixty five billion dollar debt?

Exactly, none. So when invitations to debate me on policy come around I don't

anticipate any competitive acceptance only anti-competitive value duck and cover.

At the very least, this posture allows Governor Cuomo to walk back the value legal

obstructionism so that I may get justice, and New Yorkers get the Quantum Tracks

solutions to make New York the first ever self sustainable city in the world resolving

New Yorks some sixty five billion dollar debt allowing us to complete the transition.

As I announce my campaign for Governor of the State of New York Quantum Tracks
proprietary innovation is being submitted through the patent office. As Imove forward in execution this will give you the confidence knowing

that a strategy was put in place to deliver the best outcome for us, andthe State of New York. This well rounded political approach creates

the type of balance necessary to reach various successful outcomes. We now review Quantum Tracks so that its implementation and

execution become more clear. Aside from the Air Time for Equity embedded Mouse Trap nuance, the proprietary technology gives Quantum

Corporation an indefinite edge in future rail construction globally. After the inception of the rail road little has changed with respect to its

technological progression. We are here to take the next step in its technological evolution through Quantum Tracks. Being synonymous with

creating the first ever self sustainable city in the world will position the Company

in a social media safe haven as value federal protectionist criminality is

marginalized in the advent of accessible quantum computation. Quantum Tracks

unique proprietary pinion assembly is durably designed to meet the burden of

rigorous industrial application. Quantum Tracks is also innovated so that repair is

effective and seamless. This multi-pronged approach to Quantum Tracks

innovation and design creates the dependability synergies necessary so that New

York city becomes completely self sustainable. With the preliminary contractual

documentation already drafted we now take the next step brining this project to fruition through beginning necessary political execution.

Quantum Tracks implementation is fairly straight forward. Where appropriate, the solution you see below is placed beneath either side of

the rail tie. Quantum Tracks are calibration loaded to for the initial weight of the track. Then when the train approaches, and passes above

the Quantum Track it compresses, which potential energy is transformed to kinetic energy through proprietary pinion configuration turning a

small to medium sized turbine. The energy created from the Quantum Trackis then routed through cable configuration to transformers, and

eventually added to the existing powergrid. As mentioned before, the amount of rail ties necessary for the average rail, and in existence makes

this an attractive environmentally friendly project. With this understanding we move forward building a better future for all. Thank you all.